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Automatic Powder Filling and Packing Machine for Back Sealed Stick Bag/Pouch/Sachet

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features


It is used for packaging irregularly shaped, easy-to-weigh, easy-to-auto-package materials, especially for packaging of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces. Small-dose semi-automatic packaging machines are often used for the packaging of 3-50g materials. The materials required for bag packaging are manually weighed, automatically bagged and packaged into bags to solve the packaging of difficult weighing materials.


  • Choices for mutilple sealing types of international standard.Safety protection by mutilple layers to keep products from penetration.
  • Visible during the packing ,easy to learn the operation, convenient and quick to adjust package size.
  • Packaging type for pouch is selective for 3 side 4 side sealing. premade pouch packaging machine for flat pouch, doypack pouch and zipper pouch, suitable for small premade pouches.
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